WildFlower here….. I don’t know about you, but in my day to day life I AM BUSY….alright, I spend so much time taking care of everyone and everything in my life that sometimes, even I forget to take time out for myself…. and  when I forget to take time for myself, it leads to being STRESSED OUT and OVERWHELMED…. and then I become “Stressed Mom” to my kid, instead of “Nice Mom”. I’m sure you know what I mean! Now, you know the stress has gotten to you when you start being snippity at your kid (or dog, cat, spouse, co-worker, etc…) for hardly any reason at all, about something that really wasn’t that big of a deal to begin with.

Now, we all know that we should be taking time for ourselves and taking time to accomplish our goals, but sometimes it’s so hard to do when you’re stuck in your every day routine. That’s where my LYL Life Coaching Program comes in. In my LYL Coaching Program, it’s all about YOU!

– Your Dreams

– Your Goals

– Your Wishes

– Your Body

– Your Mind

– Your InnerSpirit

– Your Energy

– Your Career

– And your Hopes for the Future!

In a world where the concept of living an authentic life has been swept under the rug by the latest new smart phone gadget, it’s time to take control of the reigns of your life. If you’re not focused on what feeds your InnerSpirit, it can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of speedy manontany. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere…but where are they all going? Do they even know? Or is everyone just moving so fast because it seems to have become the norm, and busyness is almost like a badge of honor that we wear these days, like it somehow makes you a better person to be busier and for your life to be harder than others.

I invite you to step out of this MATRIX… and take a moment to realize a little concept we call “entrainment”. Entrainment is the natural tendency for everything in any given environment to “sync” with the other objects or people in an environment. Just think for a moment about how women’s periods sync up when they spend significant amounts of time in the same environment. An experiment was done with a collection of metronomes to demonstrate exactly what entrainment is. When the scientist began the metronomes at random intervals, eventually, within just a few minutes they all sync up so that they struck their tone at the exact same time. The same thing also happens with clocks. If you put two clocks beside each other, eventually they will tick at exactly the same time.

What does this have to do with you? EVERYTHING! Because in the early 2000’s, once technology really took a leap into everyone’s daily lives, it seemed like everything started moving faster and faster….. and as people saw other people moving faster and faster, it started to entrain just about everyone in the world who interacts with technology or media. Why has this happened? Because too many people became too outwardly focused on the “world out there” and not focused enough on their “inner world”. Technology, when used properly, can be a wonderful tool for adding beauty to your life and your livelihood. In fact, I’m using my favorite computer to write this paragraph right now and it’s the same computer I also use to mix music on, which for me is a form of personal self-expression that I love! It’s a wonderful tool for me, because I know HOW to USE it to ENHANCE MY LIFE, rather than DISTRACT me from my life or my goals.

How many people do you know that just scroll aimlessly on facebook or on social media sites, essentially just wasting their time looking through other people’s dramas? I know a few! I was at a friends house the other day and he had another friend over who mumbled hello to me as I came in because he was too busy texting or facebooking on his phone…. oh, ya, that’s right, on his 2 phones! And as we were talking later, he was looking at his phone texting someone at the same time as he was having a conversation with me, when it was my turn to speak, he didn’t look at me… he just nodded and said yep, here and there while he tapped away at the keyboard on his phone.

Now, he’s not doing that kind of activity because he consciously wants to. He didn’t decide one day to act like that. He was entrained by his environment. He just kept running faster and faster to keep up with the pace of life that he saw others having. He subconsciously became hooked to the dopamine rush that he gets everytime he hears that sound that tells him that he has gotten a new text message or facebook comment or email.

He’s addicted to his own brain chemicals that fire when there is a new stimulus introduced into his environment that he needs to respond to. He’s getting a fight or flight response just about every few minutes throughout the day. Now fight or flight responses are wonderful if you’re in the woods and you need to run from a bear, but to have those brain chemicals rush through your body every few minutes really starts to wear on a person. It begins to feel like you’re just going through the motions in your life, you become numb, you age…. and in time, it will eventually cause burn-out. And guess what?! As I’m writing this very sentence, someone messaged me on facebook, the little pop noise from my phone beeped it at me. But, because my goals for this period of time right now are to write down this info for you to read, I won’t be checking it until I’m done. That is an example of using technology, rather than letting technology use you.

If you do not have a CLEAR DIRECTION for your focus and your energy, you allow yourself to succome to, and be entrained to the world around you. And in this day and age the myth is that there is NO KEEPING UP with your LIFE.

In my Love Your Live – Intuitive Life Coaching Program, you’ll learn how to achieve and maintain a deeper connection with yourself and your goals so that you are in control of the reigns of your life.

We all need external motivation to stay on track with our goals in life and that’s where my LYL Program comes in. When you work one on one with either myself or with one of my Certified Love Your Life Intuitive Coaches, you’ll get support for your goals.

To get started with our coaching program to see if it’s a good fit for both coach and client, we have what we call a “Discovery Session” In each Discovery Session we talk on the phone or by Skype and do 3 things.

  1. We start by having a conversation about what it is that you want MORE of in your LIFE … and what it is that you want LESS of in your LIFE.
  2. Next, we pull some Angel or Tarot Cards to give some clarity to your past, present and future and use intuitive skills to really get to the heart of the matter of why things are the way that they are now and what you can do in the future to flow with your own Life Force to bring about rapid positive change in your life.
  3. And finally, together, we come up with a Love Your Life action plan that includes creating your DIAMOND LIST. Your Diamond List is a list of all those things that are in the way of you moving into your future with clear energy. Some of the things on your Diamond List will include:

– Little things that need to be done that you just can’t seem to get done, like getting new keys made, copying a file, sending out a piece of mail, cleaning out the fridge and things that you just keep telling yourself you’ll do someday. Well when that someday hasn’t come for 6 months, even though you may not consciously think about it everyday, your subconscious mind keeps devoting energy to it, and that creates stagnant energy in your life.

– Action Steps to take to get to the next phase in your life. Sometimes goals can seem so BIG when you try to tackle them all at once! So, together, we create a reasonable action plan that will help you to break down your goals into smaller actionable pieces that are do-able with your schedule.

– Your Pamper List! This is the funnest list to make …. and complete action for 🙂 Your Pamper List is a list of things that you can do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to help keep your InnerSpirit Balanced and help you to remember to have FUN in your life!

Once we complete your Discovery Session and see if it’s a fit for us to continue working together, we would chat on the phone or by skype weekly (in our fast track program) or bi-weekly to help keep you on track with your goals and be that external motivation that we all need to help us actually do the things we set out to do. Plus, with every LYL Intuitive Life Coaching Session, we’ll do a Tarot or Angel Card Reading and do a full Intuitive Session with you while focusing on any issues or challenges that may have arisen since the last time we spoke and help you to see the underlying energy behind such challenges and come up with simple and easy ways to manage them.

The difference between the LYL Intuitive Life Coaching Program and every other Psychic or Life Coach out there is that we focus both on the Underlying Energy and Soul Contracts that helped to create the situations that you’re faced with, while offering practical support to help you truly create a Life You Love. In 2002, when I opened my Psychic practice, I decided that I wanted to actually make a positive impact in people’s lives instead of being like every other Psychic out there doing parlour tricks. Because well, if you’re interested in parlour tricks, I know some great stage magicians in Vegas I could introduce you to!

But, if you’re interested in making this life, the one that you’re living right now, count for something, then now is the time to take action and reserve your Discovery Session. When you’re taking really good care of yourself, you’re giving your family and the world the greatest gift you can offer, YOUR SMILE. And remember what I said about the power of entrainment earlier… and how greatly humans can affect each other by simply being in their presence? Well, you having a smile on your face means that you’re vibrating at a high level… and that affects everyone around you in a positive way.

When I had my near death experience in 1995 I realized that if you just keep going through the motions and taking care of everyone and everything else in your life and not yourself, then you’ll die without having truly lived. My guides told me that it was still time for me to live…. that I still had my music inside of me.

You still have your music inside of you…. it’s up to you to take the time to play it.

To reserve your Discovery Session click the link below or contact my office to schedule.

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If you’d like to make a positive change in your life or your business, a Discovery Session with WildFlower is the place to start. During a Discovery session, you’ll get:
– A Psychic Reading with America’s #1 Life Transformations Expert
– A Mini Life or Business Coaching Session
– and a Distance Oshune Reiki Mini Treatment
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