Being a high profile individual and having a certain amount of celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be.

It can be a TON of work!

And if you don’t understand how to run your own energy, you can start to feel like “A Dancing Bear”, as Halle Berry put it on a late night talk show a while back.

When that happens, it’s pretty much just a “buckle in tight” kind of thing cause your people (manager, production companies, publisher, record label, investors, etc….) are going to take YOU for a RIDE. Cause YOU are their meal ticket.

But when you start to feel like you’re exhausted after public appearances, and you get to the point of burnout or feeling like you really are “putting on the face and attitude” of a “happy successful, famous individual with a rockstar career” and you don’t really feel like that when you go home at the end of the day, what happened is that you got lost in your own success.

I’m going to say that again. YOU can get LOST in your own success when your career has a high profile aspect to it because soooo many people WANT YOUR ENERGY, TIME AND ATTENTION.

You can also get LOST in your own career when your “people or team” are running “your show” (your life, schedule, production schedule, appearances, touring schedule, etc…) instead of YOU taking the reigns and running your own life.

How do I know all this?

Well, I was raised in a musical family and basically watched people fawn all over my dad because he was such a talented musician. He wasn’t really famous, but rather, well known in our community. He didn’t know it, but he had a hard time dealing with his energy management because his self-esteem became based on his achievements and talent, rather than being based on him being a holistic individual.

Then in my teens, I started going to concerts and hanging with other musicians and some of them were famous. I saw other girls fawn all over them and really never got the “why” of it because I look at people for who they are, not what “their status or profile or fame” imply’s. I’ve always had a very entrepreneurial based mindset and I simply saw that these guys in these bands were having successful runs of whatever their current album is that they were promoting, not that they somehow were “godlike”, which is what a lot of the other teenage girls around me thought.

In the 90’s, I launched my advertising agency, Sintilation Studios and we were one of the first ad agencies in the US that also provided website design and I started working to help some celebrities develop their websites and marketing campaigns, which helped me understand some deeper challenges that people with high profile careers face in both their professional lives (dealing with agents, managers, publishers, record labels, etc…) and their personal lives (not knowing who is a FAN and who is a REAL FRIEND, not being able to feel like they can have their own “NORMAL” because they always have to be “ON”, ect…).

And well, I’ve had some relationships along the way with men who had high profile careers and saw the assumptions that others had about them because they had a certain amount of fame and how challenging it was for them to define what their own “normal” was and watched how they dealt with “not feeling like a superhero business rockstar” when they were off stage or off camera.


It doesn’t mean that you have superhuman powers or that you’re happy all the time. It doesn’t mean that you don’t get depressed, angry, sad, frustrated or have challenging days. It means that you have to work more skillfully to tuck those feelings (that everyone has in their life journey in the earth dimension) really tightly “under the rug” so that you can push past your self-doubt to step up and be that high profile individual on stage, on camera or on air, who has a business to run.

But what can happen is that after so many years of “tucking those feelings under the rug”, it can really mess with your energy, your emotions, your self-esteem and your happiness. It can make you feel like you are like a split personality and one side of you has this high profile career, while another side of you just wants to live your own life. This IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. It’s normal because yes, when you are on air, on the stage or on camera, you need to showcase the part of you that is that rockstar entrepreneur because that’s your biz and that’s how you put food on your table and provide for yourself and your family. Everyone does that to one extent or another.

But the issue for individuals with high profile careers is that when you have a certain amount of fame, it can affect your personal life as well. Especially if you have the kind of fame where you can’t even go to the grocery store and be recognized or where you need to have bodyguards with you at all times in order to keep you safe.

I mean, going to the grocery store or mall or coffee shop, those are “normal things”. But, if you have a high profile career, it can feel like when you are out and about having your own personal life and you just want to do “your thing”, whatever that is, and people see you, they want a “piece of you”.

Because somewhere along the way, they were taught that famous people somehow have more lifeforce and frankly, they want a piece of that because they want to feel like they are “special too” (everyone does) and by connecting with YOU, a high profile individual, in some way, it makes them feel like they have somehow “touched a star” and that gives them energy.

Now, they feel this way because we live in a world where people are not taught to own their own power and instead to acquiesce to the institutions or people in control (governments, schools and MEDIA, that’s right media). And no one becomes a celebrity without being featured in the media. So here you have a population of people that are taught NOT to think for themselves and instead to let the institutions in control of how societies function shape and bend their minds tell them what to think, they see you representing your business in the media and they are programmed to think that you are larger than life, a high profile superhero business rockstar that is always feeling good and upbeat and guess what?! They want a piece of that.


So, how the frak do you deal with all of that?! Well, most people with high profile careers crash at some point because success begets success and when you are trying to flow with success and encourage more success, you look at what projects to do next and you keep adding more and more and more to your plate, but most people forget to remove things from their plate in order to add more… and you just keep going and going and going, like the energizer bunny, but eventually you crash…… and then you get burnt out.


How long it takes you to get back on your feet depends on how stable your mind/body/spirit/energy field connection was before you got famous. And that’s what I help high profile professionals do, get their body/mind/spirit/energy field connection back. It’s not a “one size fits all” kind of thing because everyone is different and has their own unique vantage point.

What’s the Energetic Management For High Profile Individuals all about?

In this program, (like all my programs) I like to keep things simple. We chat. We chat about all of this stuff and how it affects you. Sometimes just the simple act of chatting with someone who understands what the high profile life is all about can feel like a relief. While we chat, I coach you on how to first acknowlege your subconscious feeling about being a celebrity. In Shamanic terms, this would be the “breaking down of walls within yourself” and then we chat about how to better handle the energy coming at you by being grounded and solid with understanding of how you want this fame thing to intermingle with your life path.

Sometimes, when you have mixed feelings or mixed reactions to fame, your subconscious can try to sabotage your career so that you don’t have to make the tough decisions of where to put up better boundaries in your life or career. For example, how many hollywood starlets have gained weight after acheiving a certain amount of celebrity and have had a hard time keeping it off. We all know that excess weight is plain and simply not healthy and people who are fat and famous are the exception, not the rule becuase people want to see “famous people” as being “ideal” and overweight is not ideal.

But back to those starlets…. how many of them gained weight as a subconscious mechanism to help create more space in between their inner self and the outside world? Probably most of them.

You see, the more that you are in what I call “the outside worlds”, and are doing more appearances and such, it can start to feel like the outside world is pushing at you and it’s just too much to be “on” so much of the time. For some people, especially empaths, that can translate into putting on excess weight or it can mean feeling depressed, anxious, alone or it can be more subtle and take you an extended period of time to get your energy back after doing live appearances.

Eventually, being so “seen” can start to wear on your energetic field as well as your chakras and your body/mind/spirit connection and create holes in your aura and dysfunctional connections in your chakras which basically is a fancy way of saying that it messes up your energetic system. Just like a computer needs defragging every so often, so does the human computer which is you and your soul’s interaction with your body.

Since I am also a natural born intuitive, I can see where those energetic dysfunctions are and create a dialog with you so that you can discover where your energy field got messed up and how it got messed up, so that you can begin to rebuild your chakras, aura and entire energy field so that you feel balanced again.

So, ya. It’s pretty simple. We chat and some of the things we chat about help people find relief about their present circumstances. But you should know that I’m not a guru. I teach you how to witness and honor your own experience, (and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps when necessary) so that you can really just identify what’s working for you in your life and your business and what’s not working and needs to be addressed.

We chat about what life was like for your before you got famous (if you even remember that) and take a look at where other people (your team) are in control of your schedule and chat about some practical ways that you can set some boundaries with your team to put you back in charge of your own business (where you belong) as well as chatting about ways that you can have your own “normal”, where you can be in what I call “off mode”, where you can just be yourself, be chill and have your own life seperate from the lights of the media by creating healthy boundaries and guidelines for your own “normal”.

We’ll also chat about the fan vs. friend thing to make it easier to tell which is which because sometimes “fans” can come in the guise of “friends” and before you know it, you have a bunch of people around you who are not living their own empowered truth and not being real with you because some part of them looks at you through that superhere business rockstar lense and woudn’t dream of telling you that your hat sucks or that those shoes look awful on you, because they are under the spell of fame and are really more fans then they are friends. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be around them, but it can really mess with your head after a while if you really are expecting more from them than what they can give you.

So, if you would like to set up an initial time to chat on the phone (or skype audio if you’re outside of the US) for an initial Discovery Session, just send an email to my assistant and if I have room for new clients, she’ll get you set up on my schedule. Or if I currently have a wait list, she can place you on there and will let you know when I have an opening.

And we just go from there. If it feels like a fit and I have room for it in my schedule, we can set up weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls to help you stay on track with your life and biz, or from time to time I also have room for doing weekend in person private intensives where we come at things bootcamp style so that you can blow the habits that are failing to serve you in your life and your business out of the water and help you define some new boundaries, habits and guidelines for life operations to help you get back in control of your reality.

Because fame is there to assist you in achieving the bottom line in your business and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to do something about it and grab the reigns of your life and business back.


Here’s the Cliff Notes version…….


Sure, the red carpet images, the release parties and TV interviews can be glamorous, but what happens the other 99% of the time, when you go home afterward or go to your office the next day? Plus, you’ve got all kinds of opportunities coming your way, but are those opportunities going to help your career or hurt it?  Well, that’s where I come in. I help celebrities get their lives balanced and get (or keep) their careers and businesses on track. Having worked with A-list celebrities as well as minor celebrities (including Academy & Grammy Winners and New York Times Best Selling Authors) since the 90’s as a marketing specialist (see, I have witnessed the challenges that celebrities face first hand.

After launching WildFlower Institute in 2002 to help people create lives and businesses they love, I created my Celebrity Coaching Center at WildFlower Institute to help celebrities through the unique challenges they face – both personally and professionally.

As a Celebrity Coach, I help celebrities to:

  • Identify and compartmentalize their “outside image” with their “inside life” to make sure that they’re able to create a personal life that is outside of the reach of the cameras….. as well as making specific time for the “outside world” that fuels their career, rather then consumes their personal lives.
  • Identify and eliminate overwhelm, both personally and professionally.
  • Identify which opportunities to pursue and which ones to ditch.
  • Stay consistent to their brand – or revamp and create an entirely new brand.
  • Keep their inspiration – or get their inspiration back if it got lost along the way.

Contact my office to set up an initial 1 Hour Discovery Session to see if Celebrity Coaching is right for you.


Blessings, WildFlower




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